Oulu Psychiatric Epidemiology Society (OPES)

was founded on January 27, 2007.

The aim of OPES is to promote research activity of psychiatric epidemiology in the Northern Finland. To reach this aim OPES organizes seminars and lectures, and informs on available education related to the topic.

OPES is a registered organization (since September 7, 2007), which in April 2018 had 115 members. OPES board members are Jouko Miettunen, PhD, Professor (chair); Matti Penttilä, MD, PhD (vice chair); Nina Rautio, PhD (secretary); Tanja Nordström, PhD (treasurer); Tuula Hurtig, PhD, Adjunct Professor; Lassi Björnholm, BMed, MSc; Heli Lehtiniemi, MSc; Tomi Koski, MD; and Sini Lehto, Med Stud.